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Fruit Deliveries for the Manchester Office

Discover a range of the very best office fruit boxes from Manchesters best fruitiers:


Discover fruit deliveries!

Fruit boxes are designed with the office consumer in mind with each one containing a vibrant mix of tasty, healthy treats - the perfect alternative to chocolate, cakes and sugary snacks in the office.


Fruit basket contents

Each fruit basket typically contains a seasonal variety of easy to each office fruit - such as Easy Peel Citrus, Bananas, Apples, Nectarines, Pears and Nectarines or pay a little extra for the addition of crisp Grapes, Lychee, Dates, Sharon Fruit or Berries. 


Fruit delivery prices

Prices start at around £19.00 for a fruit basket suitable for 8 to 15 employees including delivery. As the quantity of fruit you order increases the cost per portion reduces dramtically as one of the major component to the cost is actually the delivery so for the larger workplace make sure you ask for a discount.  


Your can expect to pay :


1 fruit box suitable for 8 to 15  employees - £18.95


1 fruit box suitable for 15 to 25 employees - £24.95


Delivery details, contracts and payment


Good fruit suppliers such as Eatfruit will not ask you to sign up to any contacts you can't get out of or for payment in advance. 


Deliveries can be made to most of Greater Manchester, including Stockport on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and your can choose the best delivery days to suit Monday to Friday. 


Payment is by a monthy invoice and can be paid by Card, Paypal, BACS or Direct Debit along with all your other office groceries.


Ordering is easy, simply select from one our office fruit box companies and they will guide you through the process. 




Most fruit delivery companies in Manchester deliver in reusable baskets or fully recyclable carboard boxes. 


Local fruit for local offices


Office fruit delivery companies supplying Manchester, like Eatfruit will typlically source as much produce from the UK and Western Europe directly - keeping food miles and airfreight as low as possible. For produce not imported directly produce will be purchased from the local Manchster Fruit Market 


Employee Welbeing Programmes

The benefits of fruit in your Manchester office are wide and varied. The nutrional benefits combined with the benefits to mental health are well understood and documented.


On a more basic level a full fruit basket featuring ever changing varities of fruit, colours and tastes provide the ideal ice breaker to start those ad-hoc conversations in the office kitchen that mean so much on a personal level and business. It is said more business decsions are made in the office kitchen than in the board room. 


Simply eating the right fruits can help our bodies to fight off potential infection, keeping us healthy all the way through the year. Lets look at some of the fruit favourites you can expect to recieve in your Manchester office fruit delivery.


Bananas, Yellow, green or brown are a nutritional powerhouse, containing health-boosting potassium and magnesium - plus they have the prefect energy release curve. 


Perfect Peaches, full of antioxidants, peaches are a delicious way to aide the efficiency of your immune system. They are also skin beneficial, to fend off any dull winter complexions.


Oranges are well known for their high levels of Vitamin C to aide immunity. They are also anti-inflammatory to organically supporting wellbeing. If you are looking for a real punch look out for Blood Oranges in your fruit box delivery - these are from the foothills of Mount Etna and contain a much higher level of vitamin C compared to Oranges and other Citrus. 


Maintain wellbeing by having a range of colourful fruits delivered to your Manchester office. Easy access to healthy fruits will make it easier to stay healthy for you and your team. 


Regular fruit delivery


With all of these benefits, a regular fruit box delivery to your Manchester office is a great, cost effective component of any employee wellbeing programme - make your office a happy and healthy one.