Are Milk Dispensers the best way to get your milk delivered?

Are Milk Dispensers the best way to get your milk delivered?

Many of our partners on are reporting that they are seeing a huge growth in the sales of milk dispensers for the delivery of milk to there offices, canteens, hotels and restaurants so we decided to explore the reasons why. First, lets explore what a milk dispenser is:


Milk Dispenser


What is a milk dispenser?

A milk dispenser is a chilled unit comprising of a holding cabinet for the milk, a dispensing tap and a drip tray. Some of the more expensive units also offer attractive lighting and branding options. The milk is added to the milk dispenser by way of a milk “Pergal” bag in box container. The milk is contained within a fully recyclable plastic bag contained within a carboard box. The units is powered buy electricity and simply plugs into a normal 13 amp socket.


Each container contains 13.6 litre of milk, these are typically available in semi-skimmed and whole milk. has a number of suppliers whom can deliver the re-fills, including : &

White Milk Dispenser for Cafe

Do milk dispensers require much cleaning or maintenance?

Most milk dispensers are designed in a very hygienic fashion. They are very easy to clean, typically only requiring a quick wipe down and the emptying of a removable drip tray.


So why the big increase in sales?

In the past people have opted for a milk dispenser instead of a glass bottle or poly bottle milk delivery as they are better for the environment. Because more is delivered on each journey, less deliveries are required reducing the carbon footprint. In addition the amount of packaging is reduced.

The common trend at the moment however is that businesses are buying milk dispensers in order to reduce the risk of Covid -19 transmission in the workplace through the handling of the same milk bottle between multiple people.

In addition to the above, a milk dispenser represents a more cost effective solution to a milk delivery compared to bottles for those users that use large amounts of milk.

What type of milk dispensers are available for sale?

The cheapest option is a white coated steel dispenser, typically retailing around £400. If you order multiple units the suppliers will add your company branding or logo free of charge. Alternatively the same version is available in Stainless Steel for around £580.

For cafes’ restaurants’ Brasseries and hotels whom want to make a good impression a premium version is also available with better temperature control and illuminated dispensing areas.

Chilled Milk Dispenser for Cafe

Where can I find a milk dispenser?

A number of our partners on the veg-club offer them for sale. A couple of them are below :


Office Orchard - Office Grocery Delivery

Fruit and Milk

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