Eating Fruits during the Office Hours | A Part of Your Health and Wellbeing Programme

Healthy Employee Wellbeing

Eating Fruits during the Office Hours | A Part of Your Health and Wellbeing Programme

Caution: You might get a strong fruit craving after such a delightfully sweet experience!


When you hear the name of fruits, the sentiments are pretty mixed up. Some see fruits as boring while for others, a pretty basket of office fruits can be an absolute head-turner. But, you are definitely among those who are in love with this delicious food group.


Let’s see how you add fruits to your office routine – or to that of your remote workers.


Kick start Your Office Wellbeing Programme :

Your office staff or homeworkers are the main assets of your success. Hence, it is important to not only look after your own health but to care about those you work so hard for you.


Care packages offer customisable fruit boxes that you can send to your homeworkers, office staff, or even corporate clients


How Can Fruits Help In The Wellbeing Of Your Staff?

Fruits do not fulfil your daily macro and micronutrient requirements. But keep in mind that fruits can offer numerous health benefits that might not be found in any other food group.

According to research (Slavin & Lloyd, 2012), fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that work as anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, and phytoestrogens to safeguard your body against the attack of diseases.

5     Tips for Staying Healthy In the Workplace:


1.    Eat Your Fruits:

The first and foremost tip is to eat your fruits. Eating fruits is super simple because they should be eaten fresh and raw that takes off the exertion of cooking. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to cook a hefty meal, instead, you can just grab and go. According to MyPlate, fruits have the second-largest portion size in an average diet.

2.    Eat Your Breakfast:

How would you feel if someone would command you not to go to the toilet for an entire day?

Devastating, right? That’s exactly how your day will go without eating the first meal of your day. Breakfast is very important for everyone; a child or an adult. You can either enjoy your fruits or take energy bars and fruit bars with you to the office if you are in a rush. But, never forget to eat your breakfast!

Care packages incorporate everything in their packages that a person may need for a revitalizing start of the day.


3.    Never Skip A Meal:

Staying in shape while trying to balance it with office hours is tricky, but not impossible. Working day and night with little to no movement can often slow down your metabolism. But do you know what else can slow down your metabolism?

Skipping a meal! Eating 0three meals a day is the best and most appreciated eating pattern for weight loss, weight gain, treating a cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, and a million more ailments. This is because the link between your food intake and diseases is differentiated based on the quantity of the meal. For example, in diabetes, you are asked to eat frequent but smaller portions. Similarly, during a weight gain programme, your instructor will ask you to eat frequently in smaller portions but increase your meal size gradually. Nobody ever asks you to cut down your meals.

Skipping meals will only slow down your metabolism resulting in a much faster weight gain. So never presume that skipping meals will do any good for your weight.


4.    Keep Yourself Hydrated:

According to WHO, adult females need around 2.2 L of water per day and males require 2.5 L of water per day. It is a common problem that during work, we habitually forget about drinking water. Initially, this problem might seem small and not so important. But let us tell you that this can be the reason behind your never-ending headache and lack of concentration.

Dehydration can bring with it a baggage of problems that usually go unnoticed or undiagnosed. So, next time before you move forward to grab your painkillers. Make sure to drink plenty of water beforehand.

5.    Nothing is Better than Nuts:

Snacking is another common problem while working. If you find yourself attracted to the habit of snacking then it’s better to choose something healthy. Keep some packets of nuts by your table as they will boost concentration levels, heighten your energy, and also improving your cognitive functioning.


The Final Thoughts:


Fruits and other fresh produces are a magnificent gift of nature. Value this gift and also those around you who are in a constant battle of life. Get in touch with Care Packages and get a quote for your favourite customizable fruit baskets.