Groceries for your Office

Groceries for the Office

Running a busy office is no easy feat, that’s why Groceries for the Office aim to make your life easier by providing an ultra reliable delivery of groceries to your office. Working with trusted suppliers the company delivers the very best, ethically sourced fruit and milk to your office along with a wide range of Teas, Coffees, Snacks and other pantry items.


Established in 2019 the company supplies a number of major brands across the UK.

How Groceries for the Office works.

Fruit, milk and other items may be purchased on a one off basis or on a subscription basis. You will receive one monthly invoices and if you have multiple sites this can either be provided via one consolidated invoice or multiple invoices, one per an office. The choice is yours!


Multi Site Office Fruit Deliveries

Groceries for the office offer a national delivery service operating Monday to Friday. Operating throughout the UK the company delivers to 98 percent of all postcodes in the UK from Manchester and Liverpool to London and Bristol to Plymouth to Glasgow. Deliveries are made on a regular basis. Daily, Weekly or Fortnightly.

National Office Fruit Delivery

Delicious Fruit Baskets

Working with trusted suppliers Groceries for the Office deliver the finest Office Fruit baskets. Each one bursting full of goodness and energy to keep your team pepped up until lunch. Full of easy to eat office fruit such as Apples, Bananas, Pears, Easy Peel Citrus, Plums and Nectarines. Delivered via carbon neutral logistics.

Office Milk Deliveries

A must have for any productive office is an ultra-reliable Office Milk delivery. Luckily, Groceries for the Office has near national coverage allowing us to deliver to businesses from London to Manchester and Leeds to Liverpool. Of course, it isn’t just Office Milk the company supply. In addition to the Office Milk and Office Fruit Groceries for the Office can supply a wide range products from bread, butter and cereals for your breakfast to protein shakes and heathy snack boxes.

100% Flexible Subscription

The company doesn’t have any contracts, you can change or cancel your order anytime and top up anytime you are running short.

Why Groceries for the Office?

Fruit is sourced from trusted suppliers with the majority coming from the UK and Western Europe. The business operates at near zero waste with excess fruit given to food banks or charities. Packaging is either re-used or recycled. The company pays its staff the living wage.