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  • John Takery

    Eatfruit have delivered to our offices in Manchester for the last 3 months as part of our employee wellbeing initiative.

    The deliveries are always on-time and the quality is excellent. We now look forwards to Monday mornings.

    Nick and the team have been very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

  • Graham

    The service has been awesome since we started using them last year – the fruit is always amazing and occasionally you even get some ‘specials’ (like lychee recently).

    We all look forward to the delivery each week and rush over to start eating it – way more healthy than the sweets and crisps we used to have in the office.

    Great Service and Great Fruit

    Totally recommended…

  • Joe S

    We ordered a care package for all of our employees. The guys at Eatfruit made it really easy and the team loved the surprise. Highly recommend.

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