Office Fruit Delivery Companies

Office Fruit Delivery Suppliers

These companies deliver fruit direct to your office, business or work place. The size of these companies can vary from national suppliers such as whom can deliver to multiple sites across the UK to local green grocers whom will deliver to businesses very local to them.


Fruit delivery to work as part of an employee wellbeing programme

When it comes to supporting the health and wellness of your employees it’s worth considering a well-rounded wellbeing programme that embraces all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. Diet and nutrition help provide the foundations for many aspects of wellbeing, so a regular fruit box delivery is a convenient way to help step up your office nutrition. read more

How often do they deliver?

Office fruit delivery companies typically deliver on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis straight to your office, workplace or business.

What does a fruit box delivery look like?

Contents of the deliveries vary between suppliers however you can typically expect a mix of easy to eat fruit such as Apples, Bananas, Pears, Plums Bananas and Grapes. Boxes typically range in size from around 25 portions of fruit to 50 portions of fruit. Some companies only include Grade A fruit, others will include odd shaped items. Its worth considering however that the companies that do deliver Grade A fruit do not typically reject any rejects but usually give them to charity.


You should be careful not to sign any supply contracts with these business. The good ones will have faith in the product they supply and therefore will allow you to cancel with only a few days notice. Other will sign you up to a rolling months contract meaning if you cancel at the start of the month you will need to pay for the next 60 days! Some are even longer than this so please be careful!

Payment & Prices

Many office fruit delivery companies will invoice you on a monthly basis and can consolidate your invoices so that you just receive one monthly invoice for all your fruit requirements. This makes it really easy from an admin perspective if you are in charge of running a busy office.


Most will price the boxes per a portion ( a punnet of grapes for example would be more than one portion)  Be careful to check this as some suppliers will put less items in a box than others.

Office Fruit Box

How much should I order?

If your not sure how much fruit to order a good place to start is to plan for around 2 pieces of fruit per an employee per a day – obviously some people eat more fruit than others! Our advice is to start with less fruit than you think you need and work up from here.


Can I buy anything else?

Many of the office fruit companies now supply other items. Most now supply milk and healthy snacks to compliment the fruit delivery.


Where can I find an Office Fruit Delivery?

Right here, we have the ultimate list of office fruit delivery companies across the UK!


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