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Care Packages for Employees Working at Home

Care Package from Eatfruit

What is an employee care package?

Care packages are a great, low cost way to show your team that you care. Many choose to send one as regular basis as part of an employee wellbeing programme. Others choose to give a care package as a one off gift.


Many different companies supply care packages. On the veg-club we have a couple of our favourites including care-packages.co.uk the UK’s specialist care package company (part of eatfruit) and fruitandmilk.com – the office fruit people.


Care Packages

How much do care packages cost?

How much do well-being packages cost depend upon the number for employees your are purchasing for and the package that your choose. The cheapest, an most healthy option is a simple fruit basket. This can be complimented with the addition of other items including Veggie Crisps or Protein Bars or even Porridge Pots to get the day started. For a simple fruit care package, filled with Apples, Pears, Plums and other favourite fruits you can expect to pay around £17 including delivery. If you wish to add other items such as healthy snacks or other treats the price can range from around £18 to £20.


Homeworker Care Packages

Can you build your own care package?

Some companies will allow you to customise your own delivery, others offer set boxes. All generally offer significant discounts based on the number and frequency of deliveries. For that personal touch as about adding a note to your delivery – most companies will accommodate and normally provide this service free of charge.


Care Package

The Benefits

Not only do employees feel valued when the delicious boxes arrive on the doorstep but the right contents also encourage healthy eating. Make your team a happy and healthy one today!