The Best NZ Produce Companies for Home Delivery

The Best New Zealand Veg Businesses

Finding the very best produce, veg boxes, fruit boxes and veg delivery businesses in New Zealand is not a easy feat, partly because New Zealand is renowned for producing some of the very best produce in the world, from Dragon fruit to NZ’s greater export – the Kiwi fruit. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find the very best produce for your home. Luckily for you, it isn’t. The features only the best veg-box and produce companies in both the North and South Island.

Pittaya Fruit

Organic Veg Boxes

Have a look at Chantel Organics for the very best in Organic Produce. Chantel Organics deliver locally grown produce boxes throughout New Zealand so its really easy to fill your fridge and feed your family with same organic fruit and vegetables. Chantel organics support our local farm workers and their families, provide better quality food and ensure they look after the sustainability of the land that they harvest.

The gardens they farm cover some 70 acres throughout the Hawkes Bay Area. Produce grown includes organic kale, lettuce, beetroot, carrots, onions and silverbeet depending on the season. For anything that they cannot harvest ourselves, they work with local growers to source the best available organic and spray free fruit and vegetables from around New Zealand and build long term relationships with farmers in areas of the country that are best suited for growing each crop. read more 

Veg box New Zealand Chantal Organics Logo

Organic Certification of Veg in New Zealand

Organic standards are set differently around the world. Each country conforms to its own rules, albeit they have commonalities between them. In New Zealand organic businesses can be verified by BioGro NZ

Veg from a Family Business

Based in the Ashurst in the North Island Riverside Orchard gardens are a three-generation family owned business that has been operating for some 40 years. The business delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to homes and businesses across the North Island, with some rural areas excluded. read more

Riverside Veg Box Business

Hamiltons Finest

Based in the Waikato region Direct from the Market specialises in home delivery all around the Waikato. The company provides a lovely range of Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Breads and Pastries to cater your every need. Direct from the market have over 7,000 Facebook likes. read more

Direct From the Market Veg Boxes and Produce

Veg in Hawkes Bay

Reid Produce Co. is situated on the hugely productive Heretaunga Plains in the heart of Hawke’s Bay’s prime food and wine growing region. We have direct access to some of the freshest and highest quality fruit and vegetable produce in the world.

Hawkes Bay’s location in the central North Island of New Zealand means Reid Produce Co. has excellent transport links throughout New Zealand; we are also based in close proximity to the international Port of Napier which enables us to serve our frozen export markets of Australia and Asia.

Reid Produce Co. prides itself in meeting the highest quality standards in food safety, traceability and customer service. We abide by strict HACCP guidelines and our internal processes and procedures are regularly reviewed.

How to find the best veg boxes in New Zealand

The lists the very best veg boxes in New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US, bringing similar businesses, passionate about veg together. If you would like to advertise your veg box or produce click here

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