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The best way to find a local greengrocer with supplies from you local farms. You cannot do better then buying fresh fruit and vegetables from a high street greengrocer, many of whom have traded for many years as a family business, passing the knowledge down through the generations of course, they know there onions. Buying from your local greengrocer is also a great way to support the local economy and keep that local community going. It is always worth spending some time when you visit your local greengrocer discussing which fruit and veg is coming into season. If you spend time nurturing this relationship you are bound to be rewarded with superior produce than your local supermarket.

The term Greengrocer or Produce Market

The term greengrocer is used to refer to a retail trader in fruit and vegetables, its a name mainly used in the UK and Australia. In other countries a greengrocer is often called a produce market. Sometimes they are on the high street, other times they may be within a larger market.

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Greengrocer or Supermarket – which is cheaper?

It shouldn’t really be about the price, its the value that should be measured. The value of fruit and veg deteriorates quickly and so does the value. Slow grown, local produce can also taste better than the supermarket. So don’t just measure the value of your veg by price or you may end up with tasteless carrots, grown quickly to reduce waste during production whereas your local greengrocer may sell a slow grown variety superior in taste.

How to decide where to buy the best fruit and veg

Feedback from customers is a great way of deciding if putting the extra effort walking a few more yards to your local greengrocer is worth it for your fruit and vegetables supplies. Of course, many greengrocers today sell even more, including eggs and milk so that extra few yards can certainly be worth it.