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Office fruit delivery companies have seen good growth over recent years as a result of an increased focus on employee wellbeing in the workplace. These company’s delivery fruit to offices on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.

Why have an office fruit delivery?

In the past only industries such as finance and legal were the major customers of a fruit delivery service, it was seen as an extra perk in order to retain and attract the best staff. Today, this is truer than ever and is now almost an expectation for all major employers across all industries. The implementation of the minimum wage has also driven the growth of the sector, as wage rates have standardised employers have had to find new and innovative ways of attracting and retaining staff.


An office fruit delivery is also great for employee wellbeing, encouraging a shift from those sugary snacks and cakes in the office to produce bursting with vitamins and antioxidants. Read more about how a fruit delivery can improve wellness in the workplace here.

Making life simpler

Most office fruit companies have now expanded the offering to include all of your office essentials including milk, healthy snacks tea and coffee. This is a valuable service that can cut down the time the office manager devotes to such items, allowing them time for other things, like a cup of tea!

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What to look for in an office fruit basket supplier


Office fruit suppliers, and the quality of fruit they supply can vary widely. Even if they quote Grade A on the website, this does not mean the fruit is particularly fresh, nor does it indicate the size of the fruit. Apples for example are graded by size 135’s have 135 Apples in a box, 150’s have 150 and so on. Some cheaper providers often supply larger apples in sample boxes and then revert to really small apples like 165 or 150s which are normally reserved for children. Also watch out for companies that ask you to sign a rolling contract with long notice periods – if they have confidence their service why do they need to do this. Look for companies that do not have contracts and short cancellations periods, they should only as for a few days’ notice, this is fair as many try to reduce waste as much as possible and will have planned the produce for your fruit boxes in advance.

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What do you get in an office fruit box?

Each company has a slightly different offering. Look for those that offer 50 units of fruit per a box as opposed to 40 as this often represents better value as a lot of the cost is in the delivery. So, the larger the order the cheaper it should be. Most companies will now offer you a choice of a seasonal mix of fruit that obtains grapes, berries and lychee for example and an essentials or favourites mix which include the office essentials such as Apples, Pears, Bananas and Peaches.

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So, who are the best office fruit companies?

In Australia, the largest office fruit delivery company is it’s is actually the original and largest in OZ and delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Our best rated office fruit provide in the UK is Eatfruit is delivering to London, Birmingham and all major conurbations. Alternatively, Manchester based or the are both family businesses offering a superior local service. Eatfruit is a sister business of, the UKs milk delivery network so you can get your milk and fruit delivered with one order.

In the US it has to be This business  has great ethics and a simply amazing fruit offering.

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