Office Fruit Suppliers in Leeds

Looking to keep the hard-working people of Leeds happy, healthy, and productive in the workplace? Look no further than reliable deliveries of fresh office fruit. Not only that, but many of these companies also offer convenient delivery of milk and groceries, making it easy to keep the office kitchen fully stocked. With these services, you can ensure that your team has the nourishment they need to perform at their best every day. 


Even though Leeds has the world renowned fruit market where you can buy the freshest fruit having a delivery of fruit saves precious time in your day.

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Give your Leeds based team Their 5-a-Day!

The companies that offer office fruit deliveries in Leeds are dedicated to providing a convenient, affordable, and flexible service. By signing up with one of these companies, you can give your hard-working employees access to a range of delicious fruits to snack on during their busy workdays. With their commitment to delivering the freshest and healthiest fruit available, you can trust that your team will have the nourishment they need to stay focused and energized throughout the day. So why not consider one of these companies for your office’s fruit delivery needs?

By helping your employees to enjoy at least two of their 5-a-day at work, you can help the people of West Yorkshire become happier and healthier in the workplace. With regular office fruit deliveries in Leeds, you’ll boost workforce morale and set your business up for success.

For as little as £1 per week per employee, you can provide your team with a wide variety of fresh, delicious fruits to enjoy. This affordable investment in your employees’ health and well-being can have a big impact on their productivity and job satisfaction. With the convenience of office fruit deliveries, you can make it easy for your team to access the nutrients they need to stay healthy and focused throughout the workday. So why not give your team the gift of fresh fruit and reap the benefits of a happy and healthy workforce?


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Office Fruit Suppliers in Leeds Make for a Healthy Office

Office fruit can have a significant impact on the productivity and profitability of businesses in Leeds. The natural minerals and vitamins found in oranges, apples, bananas, and seasonal fruits can help individuals stay focused and energized for longer periods, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.


Ordering office fruit in Leeds is a breeze with our 5-step process:

  1. Select your preferred fruit package
  2. Choose the quantity, frequency, and delivery schedule that suits you
  3. Keep track of your office fruit consumption and make adjustments to your orders through our online portal
  4. Add other groceries to your order, including milk and snacks
  5. Check our website regularly for new and seasonal office food options, as we’re always adding more!







Sustainable Office Fruit, Milk and Coffee Is Just a Few Clicks Away

The companies that offer office fruit deliveries in West Yorkshire take great pride in their commitment to helping people stay nourished, focused, and energized in the workplace. By registering for a free Office Catering account today, you can start ordering fresh office fruit, coffee, tea, and more in Leeds right away! With a wide variety of healthy and delicious options available, you can provide your team with the fuel they need to stay on top of their game throughout the workday. So why not take advantage of this convenient and easy-to-use service and give your team the gift of good health and productivity?

Try some of the following companies that deliver to Leeds and surrounding areas including Leeds City Centre, Morley, Garforth, Roundhay, Middleton, Rothwell, Hunslet, Batley, Pudsey, New Farnley,  :


Eatfruit – Eatfruit have a 5 Star Trustpilot Review – A full range of groceries for the office – Family owned, passionate about what they do

Main Business Districts for Fruit Deliveries in Leeds

  1. Leeds City Centre (including Park Row, Wellington Street, and the Financial Quarter)
  2. Kirkstall Road
  3. Thorpe Park Business Park
  4. Whitehall Road
  5. Quarry Hill
  6. Holbeck Urban Village
  7. Sovereign Square
  8. South Bank

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