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About Us

There’s nothing better than eating fresh, organic produce, and we know that in today’s busy
world access to spray free fruit and vegetables isn’t always easy.


We deliver locally grown produce boxes throughout New Zealand so that you can easily fill
your fridge and feed your family with same organic fruit and vegetables that we feed ours.
By choosing Chantal Vegebox, you are choosing to support our local farm workers and their
families, better quality food and the sustainability of our land.


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Our Garden

Our gardens span over 70acres throughout the Hawkes Bay, and here we grow organic kale,
lettuce, beetroot, carrots, onions and silverbeet depending on the season.


For anything that we cannot harvest ourselves, we work with local growers to source the
best available organic and spray free fruit and vegetables from around New Zealand. We
build long term relationships with farmers in areas of the country that are best suited for
growing each crop.


Most of what we source is certified organic, however, where this isn’t possible due to supply
and transitioning farms we choose produce that is grown using organic methods. We won’t
use anything that we think has come in contact with synthetic pesticides, chemicals or
fertilizers, so you can be confidently assured that in choosing Vegebox you are choosing the
highest quality produce available.


We do source bananas from trusted growers overseas, however, we are committed to
offering a wide range of fruit and vegetables delivered to your door with the least amount of food miles possible.


Shipping is included in the price of each box throughout all of New Zealand.


Please note that Chantal Organics Vegeboxes are transported in non-chilled transport and quality is at customers’ own risk. Delivery to rural addresses and South Island destinations may take 3 days and this should be taken into account when ordering fresh fruits and vegetables.


If you would prefer your vegebox delivered in a chilled courier, please contact us directly at
or phone+64 6 843 2114



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